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               Winter festivals, Christmas is the most awaited representing a true spiritual rebirth, Christians celebrate December 25 birth of Jesus Christ.

           This holy days, all Christians he refreshes the soul of childhood memories, recovering them in mind snows rich and foreboding of abundant fruit, carols and tinkling of bells, the smell of fresh pine, but also cakes, impatience waiting gifts under Christmas tree all this creates a fairytale atmosphere, peace and love.

Romanian culture, Christmas is a bivalent character traits: is miraculous, specific gods and heroes of fairy tales, but also human-like qualities and defects. As a secular person, he is an old man, an old shepherd beard of snow, Christmas Eve neighbor, his younger brother.

Christmas is also called the Feast of the family; is the occasion when all combined, parents, children, grandchildren make their gifts, enjoy the moments spent together around the table with the belief that by properly honoring the celebrations will be a year rich.

          Tradition in Romania requires that children go from house to house, singing songs and reciting poems star or legend throughout the Christmas period. The leader carries with him a wooden stand, covered with foil and decorated with colored ribbons and bells.

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How API adoption can boosts annual profits

The success of digital platforms can be measured by many metrics, including increased customer adoption, network effects and revenue, and profit hikes. Less clear, however, is how much value the application programming interfaces (APIs) underpinning such platforms contribute to the calculus.

New research suggests the use of APIs to facilitate digital transactions increases annual net income by more than $250,000, with potential profit boosts growing as platforms generate and exchange more data, says Boston University professor Marshall Van Alstyne, who co-authored "The Impact of APIs on Firm Performance" with colleagues Seth G. Benzell and Guillermo Lagarda.

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OPPORTUNITY AWAITS Train For Your Real-World Health Care Career

         The beginning of the 20th century brought the introduction of highly sophisticated, precise medical instruments that provided previously unknown levels of detail about patients. Today, those instruments — including the thermometer, the stethoscope and the X-ray machine — are commonplace. But at the time of their introduction, these technological wonders changed the face of medicine.

         Our institutions are nationally accredited by either the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) or the Council on Occupational Education (COE), both recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. You don’t have to wait any longer to put your passion to work because at Concorde, your opportunity awaits.

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        Dubai is a beautiful, lovely and world famous city. Initially, it's very simple to overlook that this spot is really a desert that has been recovered and worked over, with structures that are as excellent and sprawling as any of the sheik's castles. The principle city is to a great degree advanced, however there are still zones where one can welcome the "old Dubai". Dubai has a remarkable various popular places, so it's critical to be deferential and additionally aware of how we carry on while circumventing this dazzling city. The law is very strict so it's entirely protected here. Dubai Tourism is extremely ok for an excellent occasion.
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The Indian Panorama

       Our steady growth every year helped us not only to grow but also to expand our horizons by setting up our own offices throughout India. With a dedicated team of over 160 staff members we are able to provide an excellent, quality driven service to our clients.
         Our India tour operators team now is spread across India that includes Branch Managers, Tour Consultants, Tour Executives, Operations / Reservations team & the Transport team. We are specialists in tailor-made tours, covering art & culture, beaches & backwaters, Nature & Wildlife, Wellness & Ayurveda, Temple & treasures etc. From the driver's uniform till the hotel room we pay attention to every small detail that is involved in the client service. More than a decade of experience in handling the clients from all over the world has given us a perfect understanding about the clients' needs and expectations.