sâmbătă, 16 iulie 2016

What is Website Traffic Fingerprinting? Is it dangerous?

       Even TOR (The Onion Router) says it is possible for criminals to decode things being done by its users. In its blog, TOR said that data is encrypted and sent forward. We all know there are many nodes in the TOR network so that authorities cannot track the users. But then, website fingerprinting comes in. For TOR also, the data packets are vulnerable until they reach the first node in the TOR network. This information can easily be obtained. If the authorities or criminals set up multiple nodes on the TOR network, there are high chances of data passing through them. When such things happen, they snoopers rip off the encryption to know where the data packets are going.
        But Website Traffic Fingerprinting is not only about the TOR browser. It is about how people snoop on you to know what you are doing on the Internet and how they make use of that information.

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