marți, 20 septembrie 2016

Jaipur Medical Tourism

         Jaipur Foot is world famous rubber based prosthetic leg for those people who have amputations below knee. Unique characteristics of Jaipur Foot are low cost, easy to manufacture, durable, quick to fit, water resistant, flexible along multiple axis which allows natural movements of foot.  The best example of usage of Jaipur foot is Indian film actress and world famous classical dancer Sudha Chandran who is performing her dances with Jaipur foot.  Sudha Chandran lost her leg in an accident.        She is fitted with Jaipur foot and started her new stardome carrier again with film Telagu film Mayuri.  Due to these unique characteristics, Jaipur Foot became world famous and came in approach of a common man.
        According to some medical practitioners, Jaipur the Pink City is already has a good reputation in the field of laparoscopic and bariatric surgery across the world.

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